Varieties of Quick Thai Meals to Consider

Thailand dazzles the world with its rich and mouth-watering recipes, with some of the meals taking the shortest time to make. Thai food is known internationally for its rich flavor. It could be a comparatively bland meal or chili hot, depending on an individual’s preference. The best part about them is; one can definitely fall upon any recipe that suits their budget as well as time. When in a hurry, there are several quick Thai meals that anyone can make if they have the right ingredients.

Previously, Thai food was mostly obtained from marine animals like fish and oysters. Herbs too were incorporated into the diet, not forgetting major ingredients and spices. As they mixed with other races, meat became part of their diet as well and currently, there are large chunks of meat in some of their recipes. Whatever one prefers, Thai meals are majorly characterized by occasion, the person cooking and for whom it is cooked. For individuals who do not wish to spend hours in the kitchen, there are varieties of quick Thai meals to suit all palates.

Thai’s are largely Buddhists. They shunned the use of big chunks of meat as their mode of cooking was mainly grilling, baking, and stewing. Whenever they cooked meat, it had to be sliced into tiny chunks first. Later on when they interacted with the Chinese, they began to fry food. The Indians too influenced their use of chili and this has become part of their recipe as well. As other European cultures infiltrated into the country, the Thai’s began roasting as well. For any occasion, there are several quick Thai meals that are amazingly delightful.

When displayed on a plate, a Thai meal looks very attractive. An ideal meal will often comprise of soup, chili, fried dish, rice curry, fresh fruit and a variety of sauces. For great occasions like weddings, butter chicken recipes are usually a great consideration. They are best accompanied by rice, potatoes and vegetables. Fruits too are often incorporated to make the meal complete.

One does not need to have those hard to find ingredients to enjoy a delicious Thai food. With just a few pantry staples like curry paste, fish, coconut milk and red chili, there is all the likelihood to come up with a delicious meal that can appease the palate. It all depends on the method of cooking and time used. There are several easy Thai recipes that take the shortest time to make and need very minimal ingredients.

Some people love salads. Thai crunch salad is easy to make so long as one has cabbage, creamy peanut dressing, edamame and crunchy vegetables. Once it has been prepared, it can be served as light lunch with grilled chicken. It may look like a light meal, but it is very enriching. Marions Kitchen

There are single dishes too. These include noodles and rice. Their preparation takes the shortest time. They can be prepared at any time of the day and can be completed by incorporating fruits and milk. There are numerous Thai fast recipes for lovers of delicious Thai meals as well.