Why Herpes is not the End of Dating

Many people wish to stay away from the dating scene immediately they are diagnosed with herpes. The reason cited in a number of instances is the fear of friends or society looking down upon them. While it is true there are still prejudices against herpes patients, it is upon an individual to make the best out of their lives. One way of doing this is joining herpes dating sites online. Through these sites, patients will come across many people who have gone through varying experiences. By sharing happy and sad moments, one gets to realize they are not alone.

Herpes dating
Herpes dating

Unlike other animals, human beings have feelings and at a certain stage in life, they wish to bond with a companion. This is a very normal process for every sane human being. But because of fate, someone may find out they are infected with the herpes virus from an unprotected intercourse they had. It does not mean one was promiscuous since there are numerous individuals who have had numerous affairs yet do not catch the virus. On the other hand, one may get into the very first relationship and get infected. Instead of pitying oneself, it is quite healthy to join the herpes dating sites and be among people who can understand someone’s situation.

Discovering that one is infected may be traumatizing at first especially for an individual without a close friend or relative to share with the information. In case someone finds oneself in a situation like this, one need not be afraid. After all, the herpes dating sites were begun by people who felt isolated and decided to form a group through which they could share information, experiences and even love. Most members of these dating sites have been able to find their perfect partners. There is no need to feel isolated after the realization that one has herpes. Instead, they should take the opportunity to gather information on how to make the best of their lives.

It is not uncommon to find patients wallowing in self-pity because they imagine they are the only ones with herpes. There are millions of other patients across the globe, with many more not even aware they are actually infected. In America, more than 20% of adults have herpes. The number may rise because most of them assume that since they exhibit painless symptoms, they are not ill. After realizing one has herpes, they could link with friends throughherpes dating in New York City.

Herpes spreads fast because some patients show no symptoms. The most common herpes symptoms in meninclude pimples, bug bites, jock itch and ingrown hair. The most commonly affected areas in men include buttocks, thighs, chest, scrotum penis and anus. Of course not everyone must show all the mentioned signs because different people may show varying symptoms.

The moment an individual notices any of the above signs, it is best to get to a doctor. Some may even wish to infect anyone they come across to revenge. Instead of harming others citing the fact that someone else did the same to you, it is a wise idea to be a member of herpes support groups online where there are thousands of other patients getting support.